A unique fashion resource. Anett Schneider has a timeless respect for her materials and the needs and interests of her clients. More than a fashionista, her color palette, garment construction and execution, and  distinctive sensuous draping are the essence of  couture wearable art.  Anett Schneider provides collections with vision which enable clients to build a wardrobe of timeless creativity.

Having purchased the core silhouettes over the years, I believe Anett's talent energizes and reinforces the purpose of fashion.  I enjoy her interactive pieces and am pleased to  have  successfully marketed her collections to private clients and niche retailers, who understand and appreciate the quality of her expertise.


Anett herself:


Sheila Linder, style-consultant- new york city, linderpower(at)




" I am Your Customer "

Meredith Bernstein, Literary Agent New York City




One recent December, most toughest shopping Month in Santa Fe New Mexico at ORIGINS (35 plus Years expertise / Heart of Wearable Art Scene) owner Judy Margolis noticed, that still; most handmade Scarf's from Anett Schneider were Sold.




" New Rose" Boutique Hannover, Germany 92'

" This Woman got a unique talent for combining Materials " 

 “ most beautiful clothe I've ever seen “

Sue – Santa Fe New Mx, Museum


Böhse Schwestern - Hannover / Germany




“ Anett Schneider transforms fashion using mostly Bias Cut for dresses and Skirts to umfloat Women’s Body movements and engage seductiveness“ by giving ease and comfort. Speaking: “ You can just pull it over Your head ! You can dance, You can travel, You can drape and adjust length creatively and with by going up & down a size or 2".

happy buyer & boutique owner