Care & Wear

Now dear valued customer we are coming to the essential part of explaining quickly how to take care of my "travel-fashion" leger or crinkled fabric's are beautiful & practical & also in trend about 70% of Anett Schneider fashion is made from either paj or raw silk who can be worn crisp & crinkled or traditionally pressed & smooth. We show you here how to do & have fun! The habotai silk items are fixed doublelayered with japanese technique. They remain crinkled & in shape no matters what you do. Very strong & durable & easy going.


Velvet Maintenance


Because velvet can be formed from numerous different fibers such as silk, wool, rayon or mohair, it can be difficult to know specifically how to clean it. Nonetheless, velvet should be maintained in such a way that the fabric's pile is not crushed.


It is important to read the manufacturer's label to determine what type of care is necessary and follow the instructions accordingly. For example, knit velvet and fine velvet with plain weave must be dry cleaned, whereas crushed velvet, can be machine washed. If in doubt, consult a professional dry-cleaner.


If velvet becomes stained by liquid, for example as a result of a spilled drink, do not blot the spot as this will press the pile down and ruin the fabric. Instead, shake as much of the moisture off as possible and let the fabric dry. If the stain results in discoloration, consult a dry-cleaner, if necessary.


To remove mild creases, turn the garment inside out and point the nozzle of a steamer at the creases and folds or hang the item in a steam-filled bathroom. For sharper creases, hold the problem spot over a pot of boiling water, but take care not to get the fabric wet. Velvet should never be ironed, as the heat and weight of the iron will crush the fabric's pile and leave an imprint. The fabric may also be scorched. If your velvet garment has been damaged by stains, stubborn folds and crushed pile, take it to a dry-cleaner, as they have special tools that will correct these problems.


When storing velvet clothing, do not fold it, but store it in a horizontal position using a shelf or a large clothing box stuffed with tissue paper so that the garment holds its shape.